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# What is Fandom-onium?

Originally,Fandom-onium was opened up as my own livejournal multi-fandom icon archive. But now, since I realise how hard it is sometimes to find screencaps for some of my favourite shows, I've decided to screencap them myself & share them.

# Will all of the episodes of a Series be screencapped?

No. I can't guarantee that every episode of a certain show will be capped. I tend to just cap my favourites, but then you never know?

# Can I use these Screencaps for my website or in icons?

Of course you can, however, if you do use any of the screencaps on this site I would appreciate a credit link back on your site, or if you're posting icons in a community then something like: "Caps from: Fandom-onium" would be nice!

# How often will Screencaps be added?

This depends upon how much free time I've had. Capping takes up quite a bit of time to do (2 hours to cap a 40 minute episode PLUS another 2 hours to import the pics into photoshop, crop them, thumbnail them & convert them to .jpeg files), so when I have an episode done, it will be added.

# Link to Fandom-onium

You can use either a text link OR one of the images provided below. If you're using my images in icons/art etc that you post in your livejournal, then you can simply link to: sparklebunny

Note: Please upload image to your own server with a link back to: